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Monday, March 22, 2010

Sweet sweet treats when we meet!

Yup, I did mean - quite literally - sweeeet! Hahaha, take a look at Nickyboy's massive, sugar-filled sandwich. Waaay too much jam and butter, insisted Mel and Kim as they watched on in horror. Waaaay much more would've been added if we didn't stop him. He can afford it, I maintained. Growin' boys do need their fill, after all!

Mel was away for a short getaway with her lil frog pal, and returned with TREATS GALORE. We had such a blast with the paper bags and boxes and gifts and ... oh did I mention, PRESSIES!!!

Mimsy's new pal, Jaime, who's gonna swing on her beautiful new backpack that Mel picked out. 

Yup, happy faces abound when pressies are found!!!

Oh the excitement, too much to contain in one post!!!

Be back tomorrow!  Off to hug my awesome daughter(s)!

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