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Monday, October 28, 2013

My Darling Pretty!

The weekend buzz around home was all about my littlest pretty, Kimmy!

And rightly so, too.
Doesn't she pull of the drama of this makeup just so well?

What was the occasion, you ask?

Our little pretty finished her first modelling assignment this weekend, and we're all so proud of her!

From the pretty backstage pictures with newfound friends...

To the poise and confidence she exudes while presenting creations...

and brushing shoulders with local celebrities... 
(Shan and Cheryl Miles)

(Hossan Leong)

It's hats off to my Kimmy, and hip hip hooray!

Who would've thought that the doll-like little girl in ribbons and curls, who strangers pulled aside for pictures under the giant Christmas trees in the malls, would walk the runway one day!

It was a great three days at the Fashion Face Off, and here she is with her stylist friend Yang Er. They go to the same university!

Oh by gosh, by golly, girl! YSL makeup throughout the event ;)
One of my favourite brands, which brings back memories of being 20!

We're proud of you, Kimmy! And cheers to great days ahead!
Three cheers for our resident sweetie-pie!

Your momma

Thursday, October 17, 2013

Trippy Hippie Me (nah, just a little something about big ol' Oz)

It's no secret that I love holiday planning, and everyone knows that I can hardly contain my excitement for good flight deals... you can hear my happy cheers from all corners of this home!

At the conclusion of my latest flight-booking-spree, I stood in the living room holding the booking confirmation print-out, my heart beating wild with thoughts of all the fun-to-be!

We'll be making a trip to Perth this December, the first trip to the city in possibly a decade or more! The kids have all been twice each, and I've been maybe four times, so this trip will surely make for fun "then-and-now" pictures ;)

And that upcoming Perth trip got me thinking about one of my favourite trips to date... Also a trip down under! This was in August, in the good company of Mel and the world's best Big Brother Benjamin :)
And how can you speak of the Land Down Under without this all-famous song to go with your conversation! (Hit play and read on!) (P.S. This post will be picture-heavy from this point onwards!!! Not for the faint hearted!)

So in the cool crisp August air, we stepped out of Sydney airport and into the big city! Bless Australia's strange seasons that seem to make their own rules... "Christmas in July" had just passed but the chill still hung in the air. We had to wrestle Ben into his warm clothes when the temperature fell in the evenings! Makes for funny stories :)

Sometimes it's funny how when you get into the holiday groove, life's little surprises seem to catch you unawares in the best of ways! We checked in at the Blu and whoa! The architecture was nothing short of genius... the hotel is housed in a refurbished wharf and we were shown to our loft suite overlooking the water! 

Sweet, sweet surprises didn't stop there!
The Royal Botanic Gardens was a highlight for me. I'm the resident "green fingers" at home, and everyone knows how much I love trees and flowers and herbs and even weeds!

Also, this late-Victorian drinking fountain -- from 1889 if I remember right -- was so beautiful!
We all had a go ;)

We spent the whole afternoon in the Gardens, and what's better yet is that the iconic Sydney Opera House was just a little stroll away... Just in time for sunset!
"The sun did not know how beautiful its light was, until it was reflected off this building."

When you see it, you'll have to love it! 
The next days were spent in beautiful buildings... 

... strolling along beautiful streets...
... dancing to busking musicians... 

...spotting our favourite animals...

... going on a tall ship cruise...

... playing pirates...
... setting sails... 
... gazing dramatically into the evening sun as it set on the harbour...

... GOING SHOPPING... (it's important heehee)
... finding new favourite restaurants...
...turning a year older... (Happy Birthday Ben!!!)
... going to the beach... 
... smiling for the camera... 
... checking out the flea markets...

... and
in general...
LOTS of fun, 

The best thing about Sydney for me are the great trips out of the city!
This time we went to the Blue Mountains!
Mel took us to all the spots that they visited way back in Christmas of 2009!!!

(Click HERE and HERE for blasts to the past~~~ Seems like yesterday still, in my "mom-time"... Kids never really grow up in your eyes, do they! Always my little ones!)

I finally went to the lookout where the famous Three Sisters are!

We went to Scenic World too, and here we are on the steep funicular railway! Ben was not amused, he's more thrilled by his usual daredevil roller-coasters!  

It was always great to wake up and feel the sun on your face and breathe the sweet Mountain air!

... and also great to curl up in a warm fuzzy chair at the end of the day...

Ahhhh holidays...
It's the life!!!
Well, till next time, Sydney! Because I know we'll be back! 
But for now, I'm all ready for Perth!
We'll see you in December! ;)'

P.S. If there's one tip I can offer, it's to always choose your travel companions carefully... You always can do with that extra pair of hands to... HELP WITH YOUR SHOPPING!!!
I suppose after all that shopping, she figured out why I wanted her to come along!
but don't worry, I rewarded her!
Hahahhahahaa... Cheers Melly ;)'
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