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Sunday, February 13, 2011

My Valentines and their timepieces!

So the busiest hands at home were mine and Melly's, and we gleefully laid out our latest collection of Shinies to admire them, coo over them, make Mimi and Kimmy try them on, and oh, pretty much love them to bits!!!

I presented the girlios with their Valentine's Day pressies today! Couldn't wait for the actual day, and what better way to spend a Saturday night than to bask in the glittery glory of gems and pearls and jewels! Melly's almost done with her schooling days, too, and hey, these are great go-out-and-see-the-world-time gifts!

I bought each of the girls a special timepiece! Just looking at them made me think of our good ol' rabbit (hare?) from Alice in Wonderland! "Oh, I'm late, for a very very important date!!!" is such an oft-heard expression, especially from Melly. Late is an understatement! She'd wake up waaay past 3pm if I'd let her.

Mimi's delicate little pocket-watch, to match her classy style!

Melly's pocket-watch, complete with a little hidden skull (it's among the black crystals, and not immediately obvious! She was so thrilled to find it!)

Kimmy's pocket-watch which looks almost too sweet ;) suits her completely, I'd say!

And the boys? I'm sure you'll hear lots from them pretty sooooon!!!

Good night, pretties!

P.S. Got new shoes tooooo... Pictures soon, I suppose, once I can get them to upload! Where are my elves!

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Once upon a December...

Once upon a December...

Allllright, so we spent most of our lives on an island, but what better way to spend the festive season than to stray beyond our shores and find ourselves basking in the warmth of an island we had yet to explore!

So off we sailed, over the South China Sea, and there we found ourselves - on the shores of a white sandy beach! Such was our joy, and such was our Christmas ;)

Sure has been a stretch since my last post here on A Pretty A Day, but hey, the pretties just keep comin'! Every day's a pretty day, but some of the prettiest days of the year for us were in December, during our Christmas getaway on a certain island with white sandy beaches!

This ain't fiction, my friends, no matter how much of a dream it all seemed like! Here's our Pretty of the Year 2010, Kimmy, spotted just before we set sail on that very adventure-in-December...

Kimmy, spying with those gorgeous eyes, and probably teasing our lil Nick! Who, by the way, took it upon himself to thank our hero personally...

Here's Nick giving Papa Alfie, good ol' Daddio, a great big hug! It was his Christmas treat, after all! Gotta love papa!

Mimi, the regular entertainer, got up to her antics as soon as we were on our way!

Of course, who could resist the cool sunnies Kimmy bought specially for our trip!

Pucker up, sweets!

Yup, of coursseeee I knew we were off to a great start!

Here's Mimi trying to hide from the camera as usual! Of course she didn't manage to!

The Pudge peers from where he perches!

5/7 of us, oh, and a frog! Little green thing had the time of his life right there!

Right away, we went click-happy and took picture after picture!
Ben was thrilled by the wind in his hair, and so was I!

Naturally, the clear water, and the strong waves were such a hit with the kiddos! (And a certain Pudge flopped gleefully into the water, letting the waves carry him back to the shore, and then tossing him forward again. Hey, you gotta understand it's not every day that the Pudge gets "carried"... given his current size and weight, it's a wonder the waves could lift him at all! Goes to show those were pretty strong waves!)

The twilight must've had a touch of magic, and the bickering buddies Kimmy and Nick were getting all chummy and performing some sort of ... here's-the-sea-and-we're-happy dance!

Mimi, too, was all smiles, hamming it up for the cameras! Hmmmmm, a photogenic star, she is, that Mimi!

Annnnd of course we could count on Nicky to breathe in the salt-laced seaside air, toss his arms out with dramatic flair, and declare the sea blue and pristine and a wonder to behold, and that it was time to grab a bite ;)
Of course you can always count on our favourite little pudge to be in the mood for food!!!

There's so much more to talk about, including one of the highlights of the month, where Melly manages to have her glasses snatched off her face by ... you guessed it ... a wave. HAHA!!!

Been busy busy busy what with the rainy season just easing off, and finally being able to get all my laundry done! The sky and I, we hadn't been agreeing very much the past few weeks!

Also, purchasing accessories and bags galore for my girlies and I to play dress-up has kept me up on sooo many occasions! It's just suuuuch a thrill making purchases and receiving parcels! The courier guy's almost a friend now!

Winks and kisses!
Yol ;*

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