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Monday, October 28, 2013

My Darling Pretty!

The weekend buzz around home was all about my littlest pretty, Kimmy!

And rightly so, too.
Doesn't she pull of the drama of this makeup just so well?

What was the occasion, you ask?

Our little pretty finished her first modelling assignment this weekend, and we're all so proud of her!

From the pretty backstage pictures with newfound friends...

To the poise and confidence she exudes while presenting creations...

and brushing shoulders with local celebrities... 
(Shan and Cheryl Miles)

(Hossan Leong)

It's hats off to my Kimmy, and hip hip hooray!

Who would've thought that the doll-like little girl in ribbons and curls, who strangers pulled aside for pictures under the giant Christmas trees in the malls, would walk the runway one day!

It was a great three days at the Fashion Face Off, and here she is with her stylist friend Yang Er. They go to the same university!

Oh by gosh, by golly, girl! YSL makeup throughout the event ;)
One of my favourite brands, which brings back memories of being 20!

We're proud of you, Kimmy! And cheers to great days ahead!
Three cheers for our resident sweetie-pie!

Your momma

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