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Thursday, November 14, 2013


Ring ring telephone rings
Somebody says baby what you doin'...

I always love phone calls from my favourite 6, and this afternoon it was our doll Kimmy on the line... Get the ring sizer, Mommy dearest, cos have I got a surprise for you or what!

It all happened so quickly, I could barely breathe the word "Tiffany?!" before her slender fingers showed up on my Whatsapp screen...

 Followed by...

"It's all yours, Mommy dearest!"

Oh my, that signature little blue box... sure feels like Christmas already!

Before I knew it she was knocking on the door and the ring was on my finger!
And worry not, Paloma Picasso, the significance of the design is not lost on this excited Mom!

The band of olive leaves symbolise peace and abundance, and that's our regular Christmas wish: Peace on earth, goodwill to men, and let it begin with me.

It's early still, but never too early for some Christmas cheer!

Thank you to my darling pretty, Kimmy!
What a surprise!

Love always,
Your momma Yol

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