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Tuesday, November 26, 2013

A Man, my son!

I planned our trip to Tokyo with a very special boy in mind... and who other than the November birthday boy, Nicky! 

Our little master of the house and all-around fun guy turned 15 on November 20, and how grand it was! He sure hammed it up for our cameras, too!

The day's festivities began with a good lunch of barbequed meat with a great view of Tokyo Bay... Glad smiles all around... and with everyone's tummies filled, we caught a futuristic water bus to Asakusa, which still retains a little of the atmosphere of "old Tokyo"!

... but not before a little photo opportunity at the Statue of Liberty along the boardwalk... ;) never turn down a chance at a good picture!

Nick's catchphrase for the trip, "Japan is truly a country of the future!" was inevitable once he laid eyes on the ultra-cool water bus...

(Speaking of which, his little catchphrase was used mostly jokingly, but this time he meant it! The other times, it went mostly like this: "Oh my gosh Mom! See-through walls! Japan is truly a country of the future!" ... and I'd turn to look and the "see-through walls" in question would be... windows. Cool joke, kiddo...)

The water bus is one of our favourite modes of transport in Tokyo! You have to do it at least once! It's so sleek it wouldn't look out of place in an anime movie!

 And refreshments on board... who can turn down some ice cream for the ride? Certainly not the birthday boy!

"Look out for the giant golden doodoo, Nick" we told him before we disembarked... and he sure was a fan of the Asahi flame (or "golden turd") sculpture... hehehe...

I was secretly looking forward to a rickshaw ride around the old streets, and was glad to find this fine young man with two-toed ninja shoes waiting right on the street corner at Asakusa...

 so we all took a ride!

I love rickshaws! And trishaws, and all things like these! ;)

The ride brought us to the iconic Sensoji temple, where we each made a wish, and off we went exploring the rest of the old town!

On the way to dinner, we stopped by an arcade where Nick tried his hand at his favourite arcade fixture... claw machines! He promptly bagged two characters from One-Piece, an anime he is a fan of! And winning two prizes in a row from a claw machine is no mean feat, fellas!

Three cheers for Nicky! Let's hear it for the boy!

And dinner was in a secret restaurant that looks like it's hidden away in an underground den, and it had an amazing view of the Tokyo Bay and Rainbow Bridge too! 

The yakitori was amazing, and a birthday surprise was in the works!

What's a birthday without some sparklers!

Well, happy birthday Nick and may all your jolliest wishes come true!!!

"Guess I got to slow down a little, now that I'm fifteen," he said. Yeah, boy, the years are catching up with you! :P

But am I proud of this guy or what!

  He's growing nicely into a fine young guy, ever the gentleman...

...and always ready with some witty jokes to catch you unawares with!

Jokes like when he spotted these panels of fashion models and went, "Look ma, mail-order brides!"


Here's looking at you, son! 

He's grown up so much and sometimes we just can't believe how he got to this size! (Have you SEEN the size of his pants?!) But you know, some things never will change... when it comes to pranks and little chuckles, you can count on Nick.


And what's a Nick without the mischief! 

Would you believe this once-tiny baby is all grown up and taller than his momma?

(Little Japanese boy included for reference!)

Ever since he was a little boy, we've dedicated Kipling's "If" to Nick on his birthday, and this year is no different! It's been amazing to watch him grow -- if you've seen him as a baby you'd know what I'm talking about!

So our darling Nicky,
our favourite lines from "If"...

If you can fill the unforgiving minute
With sixty seconds' worth of distance run,
Yours is the Earth and everything that's in it,
And - which is more - you'll be a Man, my son!

And as we say every year... you know you'll always be our man, boy! 

Your momma

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