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Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Happy Faces at Christmastime

The year-end festive season always has a touch of nostalgia as we look back on Christmases past, and think about the new year ahead... but Christmastime is always made sweeter by one more special occasion that is so special for our family... that's my wedding anniversary!

So here's my annual year-in-review blog post! 2013 has sure been a great year full of travels and happy times!

This year, we went out for an early anniversary celebration at Brozeit...

And I'm proud to present our annual Christmas family photo!

All seven special people in attendance ;)


And here's me and Alfred all rosy-cheeked and happy after mulled wine and the special Christmas platter!

Sometimes when I think back to 1985, the year we were married, I can't believe how far we've come! 

More than 500 miles that's for sure!

As we counted up the anniversaries, we've moved house at least 7 times and the children somehow outgrew their frocks and little suits, went up a number of shoe sizes, gone on solo travels (a wink to my Amelia!), graduated from kindergarten, got their first jobs -- a little special mention for Kim who walked her first runway this year ;) -- it feels like I blinked and these kids did a whole lot of growing up! 

I'd say as long as we've got these five happy faces around our table at dinnertime, life has been an all-around success for Alfred and me!

We were happy to find that mulled wine was on the house, it sure felt a lot like Christmas at this point! They sure know how to make a girl feel special! 


PROST! That's "cheers" in German!

Part two of Alfred's anniversary treats was ...

A trip to Perth and Fremantle!

We've got lots of memories in Perth from the kids' visits as children! (Two old pictures on one of my old posts... HERE) And they're now back, muuuch taller and not so wont to tree-climbing as they used to be ;)

Needless to say, we had a great time! (And aren't my girlies pretty!)

From great shops on the street of our hotel to indie bookstores and shaking hands with the wallabies hopping around the wildlife park... we sure had a swell time! Fremantle markets and a little river cruise were the icing on the cake ;)

Look at that cutie! He was so animated when we started taking photos... 


And as usual Kimmy couldn't keep her hands off those furries...

 We even found a nice church with a great pipe-organ player for Sunday mass... made wishes for the new year, as we always do when setting foot in new churches! ;)

Mimi peering into Tiffany's festive window display!
Speaking of which, another of Alfred's triple-wedding-anniversary gift to me was a band of infinity loops by Tiffany!

It's perfect not only because it's from Alfred, but it's got seven infinity loops on it! One for each member of our cosy home! On my ring finger is the olive branch band ring also by Tiffany, from Kim! (Click to READ ALL ABOUT IT!)

A good time had by all -- THANK YOU ALFRED! -- and what better way to celebrate our anniversary than a nice getaway with some of the brood ;) Mel and Alfred stayed home so they went out for a nice candlelight dinner that night!

And CLICK HERE to read my anniversary post from a year ago... :) That great day in 1985 still puts a smile on my face, as all sweet memories do!

Just for laughs, here's a triple hit of Mimi in front of a mural by Roa in Fremantle!

This afternoon we'll be on a plane to Seoul for a little shopping... we hear there'll be snow! A white Christmas is such a novelty when you live on the equator ;)

Here's a picture before we leave! (In just 10 minutes the taxi will be waiting downstairs!)

Last December, the girls and Nick made a trip to Korea too, some pictures HERE! We went as a family in June, video of that trip on Kim's blog HERE! Kim made quite a few blog posts about our Korea travels, we went to Busan and Jeju too, if you skip around her blog you'll find them ;)

For now, Merry Christmas and happy holidays!
May Christmas joy find you and your families :)

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