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Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Noontime delight!

I had just settled myself down nice and comfy on the sofa, and flipped open my magazine, warm mug of coffee in hand.

"If only UPS would come by now with that parcel..." I said absent-mindedly, almost wistfully, to Mel, in the manner of a princess willing her knight in shining armour to pop by.

The phone rang. (To completely spoil the cool coincidence, it rang to the tune of 'Banana Phone' by Raffi - thanks a lot, Mel.)

"Hel-lo!" said Mel, "OHHH, oh yes, she was just talking about you. Yes she wants to talk to you. Oh. Okay, she likes you. Hold on."

This could only mean one thing: parcel's gettin' closer!

I grabbed the phone, my heart already beating faster than you could say "NEW SHOES".

Three seconds later, there he was, right at our doorstep - the largest man you'd ever have seen, with the jolliest disposition. (It is only right that he be jolly. He might as well be Santa.)

I was as thrilled as a child on Christmas morning. Pushed Mel out of the door (would've dashed out myself in a jiffy if not for that growling little tigress Chloe...) and awaited my treats!

A busybusy mom's pleasures are simple: a mouse-click away, no worries ;)

So meet my new German friends, Trinidad, Barbados, Akari, Josephine, Kaira, Lucia!


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