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Monday, March 15, 2010


There is no sweeter word in the world than this: SHOPPING.

Make that NO-HOLDS-BARRED, GOT A LOTTA MONEY TO SPARE SHOPPING, and you've got me raving!

That's pretty much what we did today, 'cept we didn't need "a lotta money"! A wise shopper's much better off than a rich shopper, that's what I think!

We didn't really set out with the intention of shopping, though, but with Nick off at his annual camp...

There was no time for contemplation! No space for hesitation! It was GO GO GO!

Picked Milly up in the East before we headed off for dinner at the airport. We've been meaning to check out some shops and Mims had to pick up a book, so off we were whisked to mall after mall!

And got pretty awesome buys, too! And I really do mean Awesome.

Who gets reels of ribbons for ... aww man... real cheap! ... to even put the price down here... I can't bring myself to! REELS OF RIBBONS! All for less than... $5??? YARDS AND YARDS OF RIBBONS!

Aww these ribbons would surely look a million bucks on Milly dearest! Can't wait to get snippin' tomorrow, and trying out all the different ribbons!

Oh just you wait, just as we thought we'd made a great buy... oh we had no idea what we were in for!
Check out these tulle tank tops, and amazing bohemian-chic skirts! Perfect for Milly and I when we're feeling like dressing up identically. (Don't worry, we don't do this often! HAHA!)

Lovely silk-cotton-linen combination and detail on the skirts!

Two more tops that we picked up. Perfect for our weather since they're all lightweight and very comfortable! Not to mention, we got them at less than half the usually-exorbitant price they command! What luck!

Such awesome texture! Such great finds :) oooh they make me so happy and excited!

Little carpark troubles got us all thoroughly tickled, what with Alfred pretending to be James Bond, and getting a real kick out of annoying the mall's carpark security.

Oh, what a kick we got outta that!

Phew! What a day!

Excitedly awaiting tomorrow and its treasures

P.S. Wow looka that - 3 AM and I'm still at this blog ;) We just laid all our new stuff out on my bed and had a ball of a time taking photo after photo of them, and trying them on and gushing over today in general!!! So much to do, so much to see, before Nick gets home on Tuesday :P

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