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Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Big Boy's Toys

Kids today are missing out on all the goodstuff! Benji m'boy had TONS of these Playmobil men. Oh how he raved about them! I still keep them, and they're very well-preserved, for all those years of afternoon playtime! They now grace our music shelf, and really do add a quirky little flavour to it! I sometimes shuffle them about just so they don't get too bored in their little space!

I remember a show on Premiere 12 (again, kids today don't know what they're missing!) that had little men running a train station. That was, by far, Milly, Mimi, Kimmy and Ben's favourite show! It really convinced them for awhile that jukeboxes were run by little men. We had a little jukebox of our own, so this little revelation provided for hours of giggles!


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