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Friday, March 19, 2010

Holey moley... look how he's grown!

You've probably heard (or seen): littlest little man came home from camp recently, and boy has he grown! Bursting at the seams (quite literally) with stories and jokes galore! Have you heard about the night Thommy (yes, spelt with the 'H', he insists) fell from the bunk bed, and temporarily disappeared in a cloud of powder?

Oh you're missing out on this lil storyteller's tales!  (Fret not, click here for his blog!)

Couldn't resist taking chummy photos with the chubby lil cub. His bears were missing him, that's fer sure!

Well just got home from a nice dinner out with Mils, Alfred and Big Ben at the nearby Indian restaurant (24/7, and very near home!) ... phew, long day, and imma gonna hit the sack soon... now if only that laundry pile weren't so close to hitting the ceiling!!!

Cuddles and munchkins (and laundry galore),

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