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Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Food, mostly, makes my day ;)

Sunday's Scones, prepared with love by Kimsy, for the pretty new pink sweater Melly presented her with! By the taste of those scones, she reaaaalllly liked that sweater!

Breakfast with the kids is always fun! Taught Mel how to prepare her own pancakes this morning since she's always so crazy for them.

Let me tell ya, she's a natural!

Just look at that golden-brown goodness! Looking at it now fills me with pride. I can still taste that almost-crispy, yet moist and soft circle of pure pure joy!

Kodok, that little aspiring food critic, was all smiles once he caught sight of that plate. Insisted on a picture. Sure thing, greenie! Had to wrestle him to the sink to wash those hands before he tucked in though! Mel, meanwhile, is contemplating her future as a pancake chef.

This brings to mind the day the kids had one too many pancakes over at Pancakes On The Rocks. I received a very flustered text message: Damn, mom, one too many pancakes. Full up, and hardly able to move / take another bite for the day, we fear.

I was later informed that Nick, upon leaving the restaurant, declared, "THAT WAS THE BEST MEAL OF MY LIFE!", much to the amusement of a nearby Old Lady, who laughed and said he made her day, and that he should be in a commercial.

Off for tonight! Ben and Mel have just burned (strange word, burned) a disc to serenade Ben to sleep tonight, and I'm quite looking forward to hearing what they've picked out!


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