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Saturday, March 13, 2010

Bright eyes

Look at little Tim, our faithful little tiger. He's been with us for years, and though time might have faded his coat just a tad, and scruffed up his paws just a wee bit, his eyes are still bright as ever. Couldn't help but go 'aww' when I spotted him this morning on one of the dining room chairs. Just look at him!

Looking at those bright beady green eyes brought to mind this song by written by Mike Batt. Here's 'Bright Eyes' performed by Art Garfunkel. The video that it's set to is from the movie Watership Down. Mel bought the book for Kim for her birthday last year, because that girl is completely gaga over bunnies. Don't think she's got much reading done though! :P

Is it a kind of shadow,
Reaching into the night,
Wandering over the hills unseen,
Or is it a dream?

A beautiful song, and such beautiful memories come with it! I can't help but smile, thinking back to the good ol' days when boys would dedicate songs on the radio to the girls they had their eye on. And a good many boys took a liking to dedicating 'Bright Eyes', just for me me me! How sweet ;)
Bright eyes,
burning like fire.
Do my eyes live up to that title? Sometimes a little flattery doesn't hurt, eh ;)


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