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Tuesday, March 16, 2010

He'll be comin' round the mountain!

My boy Nick'll be comin' round the mountain on the good ol' West highway home tomorrow! I can't wait to pick him up from his annual Boys Brigade camp! He always comes home a little braver, a little wiser, and a little cheekier, what with all those little-big-boy inside jokes and new tricks ;)

Nicky's simply amazing. Away at camp, but his surprises never cease! Opened the papers this morning, not expecting a thing, but oh little did I know what I was in for! Right there in the middle of the Home section, was little Nicky's big contribution, and he had his own byline! By golly, I yelped like crazy once I regained my regular train of thought - he really had me stunned there for awhile! I read and reread the article, and the byline 'Nicholas Lam, 11, Rosyth School', OVER AND OVER. And when I could read no longer, blinded by the thrill, (and when I had confirmed that this was indeed my Nick Lam), I shouted for EVERYONE and proudly clipped the little article that brought such great early-Monday joy! Definitely put a spring in my step today!

Awaiting your homecoming eagerly, Nicky my dear! No wonder you kept asking me to keep the newspapers for you! And here I was being silly and thinking it was all for the funnies :P

As much as I'd like to keep this post completely devoted to my Nicky Dearest, I just HAVE to go a little nuts on the new additions to my home!

Had an awesome time with Alfred and Mel today, picking out... LAMPS! Actually, we were eyeing them since yesterday night's shopping spree, but decided to sleep on it.

Oh I couldn't sleep on it! I couldn't sleep at all! Those French lamps had to be mine! Don't call me impulsive, I slept on it (or I tried to).

Take a peeeeeek!!!

Introducing Lamp Numero Uno, looking prettysome on Kimmy's workdesk. Adds such sweetness, I just hope she manages to concentrate on whatever she has to instill in her brain. I wouldn't be able to work with such beauty right smack in front of me. Just looking at these lamps takes me straight into an alternate universe. With white-rabbits and mad-hatters, perhaps! Haha...

So cozy!

Milly, who had to get crafty, to get her little ribbon rack! ;) Got it at an out-of-this-world price! And with just a little of Milly's wire-work skills, got a little extra rack done for her ROLLS of ribbons that we got ... real cheap ... yesterday! (STILL CAN'T BELIEVE THE PRICE... We're talkin' CENTS here.) I love Milly, she is amazingly talented, and she could easily be my favourite daughter... but I'm not supposed to have a favourite.

Lamp Number Two, that greets you once you step into our lovely home.

Aaand, featuring Today's Pretty - Amelia 'Mimsy', hard at work at the computer... on MSN with her classmates for an 'important Chinese project'... Glad you're slowly discovering the wonders of the Internet, Mimsy! But stay You!

Notice the glass bottle right there? Handpainted by Mims when she was eight or so. And those frames on the wall? Over two decades old, m'dears! I love them deeply! They're prints of herbs and flowers, with such beautiful teal frames. I haven't managed to get over them, and it's been over twenty years!


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