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Friday, May 28, 2010

New hideaways!

So what could possibly be better than waking up in the afternoon on a public holiday! Alfred whisked off to get some good breakfast all the way from the market at Tiong Bahru.

We were all too excited at the sight of the spread to even think about taking photos!

Good morning coffee table talk and good food is definitely an unfailing combination!

The weather's pretty chilly today - as chilly as it can get here on the Equator, anyway - and as the skies outside threatened to open up, I put the finishing touches on my latest crafty project: Prettifying the Couch! With a little crafty action, the couch was reupholstered, complete with a lil brown cushion adorned with one of my crochet adventures!

Take a look at our very own new hideaway spot! I always surprise myself when I manage to create yet ANOTHER comfy space in our home. When I placed the cushion in its rightful place, I stepped back, arms akimbo, smiling at my own handiwork.

Not bad, eh? Even if I do say so myself!!

Of course, it only took a second for Milly to spot the new corner, and she promptly plonked herself down nice and comfy right there, putting an end to any further attempts at photography.

Thought this song would be apt for our nice new hideaway... a perfect song to listen to again and again and over and over on a day that threatens to be rainy like this one!

Content (and pretty prouda myself),

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