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Monday, May 24, 2010

The littlest violin finds a friend.

Once upon a time, there sat happy a great green frog with a great green grin. In his arms, he held a violin. It was the littlest violin. He had found it while exploring the dark and dangerous cupboards (much too high up to climb, Ollie, as I've warned many times...)

That great green frog surprised me this morning (again!) by somehow finding Mimi's old violin (the smallest violin!) and attempting to play it.

Oh Ollie, this makes up for all the silly things you've been up to these past few days!

And no, you may not eat the mushrooms downstairs. They aren't edible.

The lil guy won my heart all over again when he produced this frame with great fanfare (the bears and Gino the monkey were humming some grand tune), and said, "All I wanted was to be like Mimi!"

And there's my pretty darl' sittin' pretty with the littlest violin.

And that's the tale of how the littlest violin found a new friend (in a great green frog!)

Mornings are always good for stories

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