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Tuesday, May 11, 2010

The Dudes of the castle

Ben stumbled out from his regular morning shower, still bleary-eyed and not-so-bushy-tailed. Never has been a morning person, this big lil boy!

I grabbed him and exclaimed, still not quite so over the excitement of it all, "BENJIBOY! BENJIBOY! OH BENJO, WHO IS THIS?"

I pointed eagerly at the page that had so stunned me: Home B7.

"Nicholas Lam, from Rosyth School," Ben read. "Nicholas Lam! From Rosyth School!" he repeated. It was sinking in! 

"NICHOLAS LAM! NICHOLAS LAM! FROM ROSYTH SCHOOL! MY BROTHER" he enthused to Melly, who was enjoying the most delightful breakfast (gotta keep em happy so they keep these surprises coming)!

Upon seeing his lil bro in the papers, Ben couldn't keep the excitement in. He was being particularly photogenic, so why not grab a few shots for the family album!

Nick, meanwhile, was practically swimming in the praises!

My lil writer's making a name for himself! Gosh! Wowza, really can't get over it... Explains my late night!!


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