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Saturday, May 29, 2010

FOOOOOOOOOD: the key to ANYONE'S heart!

Ideas in the kitchen with Alfie
Ideas in the kitchen for sure
Ideas in the kitchen with Alfie
Creative on the ol' coal stove!
(to be sung to the tune of Someone's in the Kitchen with Dinah, darlins!)

Hahahahhaha! Every time Alfie hits the kitchen, there'll sure be an awesome feast! So we all knew we were in for a treat yesterday evening when he disappeared into the kitchen... And boy were we right! What a spread! Sweet sweet fish, fresh from the markets, omelettes, watercrest soup... That's just the beginning! Alfie's a real gourmet chef, as Nick would say.

Speaking of Nick, that little round man, here he is insisting on a picture with our fruit haul! Pineapples are fresh from the farms nearby.

Fruits are the best way to end a meal, that's for sure!

And, inspired by Alfie's creativity, and a lil recipe for awesome 'Chicken soup for the soul', I whipped this up for Mils the second she emerged from the room! Didn't use a drop of seasoning, but Mil's eyes flew open in awake-ness upon tasting the sweetness!

Your regular foodie,

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