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Saturday, May 29, 2010

Crafty crafty hands...

Got crafty last night... SCRAPS CAN BE BEAUTIFUL! (Ah, that phrase brings back great memories of my scrapping adventures 20 years ago...

I made this little teapot coaster last night on a whim... It's made out of scraps from beautiful fabric I've been collecting over the years! (Look closely, that's the shape of my hand! HAND OF THE CRAFTER!) Try completing a little quilting piece with two jabbering kids perched hands-on-chins on your bed watching you... Ack! You gotta be made of tough stuff to be a mom! Gone are the days when I had too much time to fill with solitary work... Now I've got to fight off little gremlins, needle in one hand, and one hand holding them back!!!

Completed this little piece nonetheless, and really, the satisfaction from completing a little project neverrr gets old!

As I type this, Lil Nicholas is at the breakfast table with his daily read... Never seen an eleven-year-old so engrossed in reading! (Not since the Time of Mel, that is, but hey, that's eons ago, and the girl hardly reads anything now - at least, not the news!)

Amazed at how time flies (DECADES since I first picked up a needle, ONE DECADE since I last saw Mel read the papers from cover to cover),

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