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Thursday, May 16, 2013

Mother's Day Daytripping!

This Mother's Day, my famous five and Alfred planned a little daytrip to Bintan, and it was great, great fun! Very true to our "let's just go" family spirit! These guys and gals are my favourite travel-buddies, I highly recommend them as party planners, springers-of-surprises, lifelong friends, and explorers! ;)

Here's the backstory to the video...

It was Saturday night and all was calm, Kim was mixing up the regular late-night drinks and we were gathered round the good ol' dining table... The usual catching up, with light gossip on the side... All was calm until... -right now we cannot remember who - but someone mentioned how nice it would be to spend Mother's Day at the beach. The conversation went something like this...

"If Dad were free tomorrow, we could get on a plane or a boat and within an hour or two we'd be on one of the best beaches in the world... You know, for Mother's Day..."

"I am free!" came their Dad's enthusiastic reply. "Where do you want to go?"

The green light from the king of the castle! (it's always nice to be together on special occasions!) Immediately, six pairs of eyes lit up. And Alfred knew he was in for something.

It was almost midnight, but a little quick thinking got us ferry tickets to Bintan, and seven eager seafarers were on their way! (In the picture here, if you look close enough, all six of us are reflected in Alfred's sunnies! Cool, I said!)

So Mother's Day began with the usual rowdy wake-up call... six sets of grab-and-go breakfast... and then meeting Mel after her night shift! (How she went to work for two nights on hardly any sleep --- and manage to keep those peepers open --- we have no idea!)

We all love the sun, the sea, and sand between our toes! So I'd say it was a really great Mother's Day plan! One that would be hard to beat, say the kids... ;) Gotta keep them on their toes!

In under an hour, we were through customs and ready to hit the beach! But not before heading to the Kelong Restaurant for brunch... Only the freshest seafood... yum!

The restaurant had a great view of the sea, and I imagine cocktail hour would be so pretty with the setting sun and the little bar on the deck...

Of course, the deck and pristine waters made for postcard pictures!!!

And as usual, Mimi was loving the sea breeze ;) with great silky hair like hers, who wouldn't! Flaunt it, babe... Hehe... we nicknamed her "Kelong babe" for the day, which was funny because she doesn't suit it at all!!!

I mean... just watch that top-model hair catch the wind!

And our favourite thing to do in Bintan? Head to the mangrove! We were last here four years ago (time flies!) and couldn't miss a second visit...

At night, this becomes a firefly hotspot, which is a real treat! One day we have to come for a night ride...

We loved the long ride through the mangrove, there was lots to see -- little crabs, crocodiles, monkeys, snakes... Whoa! It's a wild world!

And our little toughie Nick commandeered the boat for a bit... 

There was just so much to do, I was glad we caught the early ferry and were leaving on the last one home...
Ben managed a horse-ride by the beach, and he sure is a pro! It was such a pretty horse, too!

And here came a big surprise! 

My "MTV" moment... I felt like a star! Isn't this what dreams are made of?
I was further surprised when Alfred produced a bottle of one of our favourite wines -- it was hiding away in Kim's knapsack all day! They picked it up at the Duty Free... Clever little tricks, they learn so well...

Picture-perfect, they said!

We watched the kids run off to the waves, and it was dreamy, the way the sun set slowly, generously letting us soak in the last of its rays.

We walked off the beach and into a great little Thai restaurant -- very cosy! -- for dinner before we caught the ferry home. Dinner was a lovely end to a really great day! We had all our favourite dishes, and all our favourite desserts -- the most important part of a meal!

Nick cleverly crafted "party hats" for his Papa and him. What sports! 

Ahhh... On the ferry home, I watched the lights of Bintan fade into the distance, watched the moon from my seat, and thought about it all...

Life's a dream, when you've got such sweet company!

Did I mention the little message they left me on the shore, a safe distance from the waves? 

Happy Mother's Day? 
Oh yes!

The greatest happiness in my world is waking up every morning and having great kids call me "Mom!", and I think I've been granted that five times over!

Thank you Mimi, Kim, Nick, Mel and Ben!
And thank you Alfred, their dad and my lifelong pal!

To more great memories to come!

Your Momma,

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