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Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Kimmy's Graduation!

This post bears good news! Our Kimmy is over the moon with her proper graduation, now that she's got her A-level certificates safe in her drawer.


But before anything else, let's just say that we never really know what to expect from my littlest doll, Kimmy! She's a bag of surprises, really. (Don't worry, they're mostly good surprises, save for the little pranks she springs every now and then...)

On the day the A-level results were to be released, I woke up to find her at her dresser, all dolled up.

"And just where do you think you're off to, missy?" I asked.
"Oh, just to meet my friends. We'll go get our result slips together!"

(Yes, just her A-level results... a regular thing... no biggie right?)

"And how do you think you'll fare?" 
"Oh, not to worry my mommy!"

There -- a typical Kimmy conversation. Where other kids are a bundle of nerves, this cool-headed girl just waits and sees! My Facebook newsfeed was buzzing with kids losing sleep over the all-important day, but hey -- not this girl! 

Not that there wasn't room for worry... she's been getting insane grades throughout her two years of Junior College. Not the good kind of insane. We're talking about the kind of insane grades that have to do with worried teachers and red marks on report cards!!!

"Anyway, my mommy dearest, if anything goes wrong, I'll always have my flute licentiate!" she hollered and out she went through the door.
"You have that and your good looks, doll! Good luck!" I just couldn't help but laugh at her "que sera sera" attitude!

As usual on the eve of a big results day, we all gathered at the dining table and took bets on the would-be scores... Any other mom would've gasped at the grades we predicted... D's, E's, C's... the occasional generous B... 

But to cut a long story short (we had to wait hours just to hear the results!) ... She did it again! Over a celebratory dinner - which would've taken place regardless of her grades - she announced her string of B's and A's! (Save for the expected E for Maths, which we are ignoring... I'll say she did pretty well indeed :) A's and B's?! We would never have thought! She was suitably chuffed! )

We're all smiles here at home, and our resident ditzy girl is definitely going gaga over this new stamp of approval from the Cambridge International Examinations board!

You know, we've had quite a number of "celebration" trips with Kimmy since she finished compulsory education last year, but...  just because she's done us proud -- and we'll always be proud of her -- we're going to Hong Kong in a few days' time! 

Congratulations, Kimmydoll! You earned those grades... yes, even the E.

So, ahoy! Let's set sail again...

Here's a toast... to your bright future :)

Have fun, My Girl!

Your Mommy Dearest

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