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Sunday, June 10, 2012

Little Dutch Journey...

The Netherlands - a land i've never set foot in! But the girlies did last month, and this song is the cutest little ditty on the internet about a little Dutch girl! The girlies spent their time sitting around in giant clogs, chugging Heinekens (I've got to find that picture!) and counting bridges and canals...

 Oh, and they found a couple of tiny vehicles... did this girl find herself in Lilliput ? Hahaha :)
Lizards, lizards, always a charm. Kim would disagree!

In their neighbourhood... The sun set really late, all the better for a longer day!

Oh, and CHEESE. Need Mimi say more?

And setting two girls loose in one very liberal city (we all know what they're famous for...) ... was this a good idea? ;) Oh well, youth happens once and it should rightly be full of fun times!

Their momma~

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