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Friday, May 4, 2012

If you want...

If you want to sing out, sing out!

And if you want to be free, be free!

There's a million things to be, kids, I always tell my brood of five... And truly there are a whole lot of things they could go on to be... Mimi - she's going to University soon! Who knows, she could be an economist? Or will she be a musician? Kimmy - a flautist? Hmm... seems the plan so far! Mel - seems quite comfy with her place in the world right now... who knows what plans she may have! Nicky - a tough journalist bringing us breaking news? On his way, methinks ;)' And oh my funny forever-young Benjiboy... he took a tumble yesterday at basketball with Nicky... I don't know what plans he's got, but I think he plans on sticking by my side and being my forever companion, on little neighbourhood walks or for afternoon tea!

With Mel and Mimi on their one-month European adventure, the humble abode's been a little quieter, but phew, I just survived the usual morning rush! But as they say, TGIF!!! - Thank Goodness I'm Free! - at least for the next three hours before Ben wakes up and requests a pancake for breakfast... Of course I'm glad to provide!

Mother's Day's coming up, kiddos, lest this slips your pretty little minds <3

and a little update from the girlies' adventures:

 Mimi in Venice, by the grand canal...

 Mimi and a carousel by the beach, Brighton, England

 I couldn't believe this when I saw it -- the girls report this as their view from the Ponte Vechhio (correct me if I'm wrong girlies!) in Florence, Italy
Postcard perfect , I say, even if I am their mom~~~ hahahaha

 Mimi in Bath, England -- the Roman Baths which actually still really work! And they say the water's still hot and steamy --- then again, they were in 10 degree weather? Whoops, hard to keep up, they just keep on moving through these cities , I hardly ever know for sure where they are!

And of course, Mel in her element in a flea market (in a basement, I think, of one of the antique dealers in London... or this could be Brussels, ...)

They'll be due home soon so I'll be doing a lot of catching up!

Love from my window!

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