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Friday, November 26, 2010

Drawers are for storing nice things in them. Be it a stray cell phone battery, a page torn out of a journal, a necklace fashioned out of wire and beads or even some five-year-old issue of a magazine, they are all stored in drawers.

I have taken to the habit of opening other’s drawers. (You can tell many things about people by looking at their drawers and it is a curious thing to see what people keep in their drawers is it not?) Those with a flair for writing may keep a stack of unused paper in their drawer, maybe a writing pad with a flap that only features two pages of writing. Lazy people keep rubbish in their drawers. The shiny paper that stamps are stuck on, unwritten postcards, folded paper that has collected dirt over the years, pencil shavings and perhaps even some pen that has leaked its last drop of ink.

The only item remaining classified under the miscellaneous section is a storybook with a weak plot with a laminated picture of some Korean pop singer wedged in between pages eleven and twelve (Probably some vain attempt at looking cool, but still, it remains miscellaneous.).

I have yet to stumble upon a drawer old enough to be storing journals that has pages that disintegrate at a light touch. Or a drawer with monkey feed in it. Or those drawers dead businessmen entrust with wills and official documents revealing that they were also working for a third party that plans to eliminate both companies that deal in identical areas.

I would love to open up a drawer and rifle through it to reveal some elaborate conspiracy to keep humanity from finding out about alternate, more reliable, sources of renewable energy, causing them to be more reliant on fossil fuels and thus causing ‘the man’ to earn more money from sales of fossil fuels.

I would love to have a drawer reveal its contents willingly, without locks or security systems, having it slide out easily on shiny and new ball bearings.

I would love to look into drawers, and having them look back up at me, both wondering, ‘What strange adventure could this entity send me off on?’

I would love to open a drawer, and find something someone was.

I would love to open a drawer, and find something someone is.

I love opening drawers.

I love drawers.

They’re fancy.

Written by Nicholas Lam


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