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Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Girls, girls, girlios! Froggy-o's!

My pretty pair was running about home today :) Seeing our lil doggy dame up and about and full of life brings sweet relief! The poor lil pup was wheezing and coughing pretty badly just a few days ago, but thanks to the girls' speedy action, she's back on her paws! And fast, too! They've sure put the bark back into the dog!

Kimmy's resplendent as always, even in her PJs!!!

Gotta love these girlies! Check out the lil pink ponytail Chloe's sporting!

Also, I've added five lil orange fishies to my Tank of Happiness! They do add lots of life to our kitchen! Things are going juuust swimmingly, even with the old angelfish being calm and serene! The new Famous Five Fishies are really going at it, darting about like that!!! I love feeding them, they always seem to be hungry! And smart, too! They always get swimming when they catch sight of me! :D Now who said fishes had 5-second memory spans! That miiight apply for frogs, though! ... Heard that, Ollie Kodok Frogobo?


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