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Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Wavin' flag!

Frog and I just hangin' out with the crew on one of our lunch dates on a recent Flaunt it Friday! In the mood for Flauntin', I bought the lil guy some new clothes! "OOOH EMPEROR'S NEW CLOTHES NO LONGER!" he shrieked in glee. Love making the little ones happy!

He looks totally cool in his rompers, for the record!

And to prove his newly-acquired macho style (everyone thinks his new look sorta channels Simon Cowell, the alpha-male), he stayed up to catch the World Cup Finals. He held those green eyes wiiide open, that's for sure!

The World Cup just drew to a close yesterday morn', and I was immediately updated by a very excited Nick and Frog.

So in celebration of this once-in-4-years event, here's the original K'naan song, Waving Flag, which was adapted for the World Cup anthem this year!

Aaaand, speaking of flags...


Couldn't find a clip with singing and lyrics and all!

Wavin' flag!

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