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Wednesday, June 9, 2010


Once, there was a girl. She was twenty and traveling the world!

Hey, world, that girl was me!

Then, there was a mom. She had four kids and took them to see places.

Heads up, folks! That mom was me!

Now, if you come round to Westwood Ave, you'd find a mom with FIVE kids, one doggy, and she has plannnnsss to take them places!

We were just dreaming up Dream Travel Destinations - Mimi now wants to go to Warsaw, Poland, Nick wants to go to Legoland and Tin Tin Museum (Germany???), Milly just wants to be EVERYWHERE, Kim just wants to go where everyone else wants to go, BJ just wants to be by my side, Alfie's got his eyes set on Denmark, I'm just happy dreaming up dreams!

And Milly's halfway through her TV project for school and she found this song:

Ben's kinda into it so I'm just puttin' it up here so he can sing along and all!

Brings back good memories of my own travels LONG AGO!!! (Now where are those old albums...)

By the looks of it, Mils and her Amazing Linkin'-Cities Skills will be put to the test once again very very soon! (A wedding is brewin' in Oz, and Mims has Music Pursuits in London... I'M KEEPIN' MY FINGERS CROSSED THAT THEY ALL GET TO GO!)

Ah, the days of Skype calls and BE CAREFULs and DON'T-GET-LOSTs!

We had a 'bowl' of a time (can't get enough of that pun) at the Chevron tonight! Nick's on his way to bowling stardom! Hahahhahahahhahahahha... The rest of us... well let's just say we had a great dinner! Good times always!

Smiles smiles smiles at night

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