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Friday, December 25, 2009

A journey of a thousand miles...

A journey of a thousand miles ... ends when Mimi shouts "LET'S TURN BACK!"

And so began the amusing story, as told by very animated Kim, Nick and Mel, relaying their annoyance at Mimi's initial huff.

"She insisted we should turn back once she laid EYES on the path!"
"She's so ANNOYING, mom!" (I think only moms can identify when the word 'annoying' is used in the same sentence as your name a billion times, and none referring to you.)

I laughed at the very typical Mimi behaviour. She had, in her defence, insisted that it wouldn't be safe to walk the path of an UNFENCED cliff without any of the bushwalking emergency flares from the police post (which they happened to have the fortune to be living right next to).

But then I recalled my own heart thumping furiously when, upon completing their cliff walk, Mel telephoned in glee, announcing that they were at the peak of a cliff, before passing the phone to everyone else in their happy little group. PEAK OF A CLIFF, you say?! I was baffled. I hadn't expected this, and felt every bit the irresponsible mother. Which mom lets her kids, 4000 miles away from home, scale an UNFENCED cliff, while she sips tea at her mother's house. (Yes, this was what I was doing, today being Christmas and all.)

I did think they were having me on for awhile, but they sent this photo as proof, together with a video of them dramatically completing the last few steps of the walk in slow-motion, whilst singing 'Kumbaya'.

Champions of the world!


UNFENCED?! So much for "safety first", kiddos! Hahahahaha!

Some of the lookout points had to be fenced, like this one. Good. Can't imagine what stunts might ensue if not!

They had to cross a stream on this little bridge - I'm surprised Kimmy didn't protest! Well, they were probably halfway through it all by then! No one gets left behind, after all!

Nick, upon his successful "loss of a good number of kilos", promptly stripped and streaked. (Yes, he ran about naked in public while his sisters attempted to get him clothed enough for the cold cold walk home.) The silly boy even got his whole t-shirt wet in preparation for aforementioned "cold walk". Brr. Good thing they'd borrowed rain jackets, because the weather in Katoomba wasn't the most pleasant, and it was a misty, cold Christmas!

The gang, back in the civilised part of this sleepy lil' countrytown!

Heard the weather was so cold, Mel's camera screen frosted up! Wowza.

Kids, if you're reading this before bedtime, I do hope you're warm and toasty!

Hugs and kisses and Christmas dreams galore,
Your Momma Yol

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