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Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Who could ask for more!

Half the little critters have taken flight and left the safety of this Nest for the Great Outside World! It's a wild world, as they say, and boy do I have the jitters!

They made sure I was duly hooked up to the Great Internet, and I'm fully equipped with the Essentials, as they put it: Gmail account, MSN account, Facebook, Skype account, the works, so they aren't that far away from home - just a click away!!!

Now all I need is someone to do the clicking and navigating for me, and I'll be on a rampage ;) watch out, Internet, I'm gonna "pwn" your teenytiny WWW. Haha! (Rather, "LOL", or ... as I've gathered from Facebook, "ROFLMAO" is the norm now. Go figure. Damn, this worldwideweb is growing fast!)

Anyway, the shiniest new badge I've been invested with on my Internet Journey would be this very Blog! Came with instructions in an email this morning, fresh from Sydney, where the kiddos have settled in (and very nicely, too, I might add!)

I've reproduced their (very tongue-in-cheek) email instructions below, for your amusement (and for my memory's sake!!!)!

This is the sight that surprised me in my inbox this morning:

Instructions (to be followed exactly, no questions asked, momma!)
If you've managed to retrieve this email, give yourself a pat on the back! Really! You've progressed to Internet Explorer Level 2 (haha pun on explorer!) You will be duly rewarded with an Anniversary Surprise! (If you've managed to retrieve this email BEFORE 23 December - your Anniversary, we applaud you. But no, that's not possible since we've only just sent it today. We are 3 hours ahead of you, though. Do the math, Momsie!)

1. Go to this address: www.blogspot.com
2. Type your Gmail email address in the Username column, with the password we all know too well.
3. Click 'log in'.
4. Wait for page to load.
5. Click on "A Pretty A Day", and Create New Post.

We've run out of steam for creating instructions, and it's pretty foolproof from there, so we'll meet you on Skype to complete an online Crash Course on Blogging just for you.
The layout and design is all complete, we've even taken the liberty to create links to our own wonderful blogspaces, and all you have to do is click a button to POST POST POST! So talk about us lots, Mom! HAPPY ANNIVERSARY!

Your Lil Kiddos
(Shoutouts to BJ and Dad at home!!)

Always the entertainers, kids, always the funny ones ;)'

Love ya kids! I will enjoy my blog! Thank you so much for creating this little space in the web for me ;)

Simple post this time, but I'll catch up!

Momma Yol

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