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Sunday, December 23, 2012

23rd December 1985

It's unreal! Twenty-seven years ago, I married the man of my dreams. Five gorgeous kids, 9862 mornings of waking up to handsome, handsome Alfred, so many fun house parties, and countless day-to-day adventures after, we find ourselves here, today! "Wow" is definitely an understatement!

In the pre-dawn hours of that morning, I could hardly wait... The biggest party of my life was just about to begin! Everyone was dressed up and jolly, even more so since we were to marry just two days to Christmas. Father Christmas has been superbly generous, I must say!

Oh, what memories! A leaf through the pages of our photo albums brings all of them back even clearer than I remember: the overwhelming moment-by-precious-moment walk down the aisle arm in arm with my Pop,  the all-important "I-do's", the moment we held our breaths as we exchanged rings, feeling like royalty in my gowns, the sharp tailored suits for the gentlemen who mean so much to me, and most of all the happy faces of my proud parents and our excited friends, sisters, brothers... cousins... everybody!

In his sermon that day, Father Alfred Chan told it sweetly... that 'A' being the first letter of the alphabet, and 'Y' being towards the end of the alphabet, how lovely it is that Alfred and I found each other in this great big world. Finding a great man like Alfred who is always bold in his endeavours and selfless when it comes to the people he loves... this is a giant gift that I have always been thankful for.

Today we celebrate twenty-seven great years of marriage -- more than half of each of our lifetimes -- and we will look forward more than ever to all the decades to come! And to share our lives with our children Ben, Mel, Mimi, Kimmy and little Nick is a great joy that I cannot start to describe... So Alfred, cheers to years and years of together-ness, and cheers to your good looks!

Through the yesterdays
And tomorrow's dreams
In the here and now, when you're next to me
Even simple things feel just like new
Every moment I'm with you.


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