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Thursday, August 9, 2012

Watching Benny Grow


All this quarter of a century, I've been watching a cheeky little boy grow into a fine young man who doesn't get up to much mischief now but still keeps that sparkle in his beady little eyes. He's my every-day-by-my-side guy, my always-smiling, nothing-fazes-me cool guy, he's my perfect Benji boy! All in all, a nice Wednesday, and a nice 25 years and counting! Here's to tomorrow, birthday boy!

And watching Benny graduate from PlayMobil and toy horses to motorcycle scalemodels and painting, and now guitar collections and shelves of CDs... boy, it's been quite a ride, even if I say so myself! But today I couldn't be prouder to call this great guy my son!

Thank you for all the joy, laughter, and mischief, we've had a great time, so tomorrow let's kick off the rest of our lives in the best of ways... Surprise, Ben! Here's your 25th birthday gift... Tomorrow, you're going with me and your papa on a nice little getaway! Count your lucky stars, and make a big 25th birthday wish!

Your All-Time Mom!


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