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Friday, August 19, 2011

All kinds of everything in August!

August, August, oh how very eventful you've been! Well we've seen through all kinds of everything this month and we're only in the middle of it, aren't we?

The first of Everything: Our Big Beautiful Boy Ben turns TWENTY-FOUR! A ripe old age, that is! ;) And oh how far we've come, Benji...

Don't we all just love your forever-grin and your cheeky beady eyes...
Yup, that's Benji who's moved on from Playmobil to iPads and beer... hmm... ;) Don't worry, his cheeky antics are still right here...

Cheers, Big Boy!

And in case you were wondering what the occasion was... Our favourite guy Papa Alfie turns ... shh, don't say it! well, he turns a good age too! As he usually quips, "A blank page tells a better story!" Well I'm sure when it comes to his age, now he'll say no number is a better number! Well, ever the poet, Alfred!

And we don't do full family portraits very often, do we? So right up there gracing the very top of this post, our happy family in its full glory! Seven's the magic number, folks!

There you go -- all about my busybusy August!

Dollin' up and loggin' out,

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