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Thursday, May 19, 2011

I just wanna...

Mother's Day this year was life-changing, what was meant to be a happy day tainted by the sudden news of my pa's passing, but here's a little something my littlest girlie Kimmy said to me that night...

"I just wanna be the one who makes you Happy..."

It is by far one of the sweetest utterances said to me... ever! :) Through the sadness of the moment, I had to smile and remember that all was not lost, and Her Royal Sweetness definitely brought a tear to my eye!

There she is right there in one of my favourite pictures of her at the moment... because she's such a photogenic girl, I'll soon have so many more favourite pictures! Looking ethereal, as always... that's my Kimmy Doll!



  1. The rewards of motherhood!

    The unexplainable joy felt while reading the words coming from the heart of a child to a parent.

    You are so blessed to have proof.

    Most of us just feel it. :D

  2. Hey there Lita,
    My kimmy doll was still at her 200 pgs history notes to be completed over the weekend and was feeling quite drained as its almost 2 am now. I showed her your comment and now she is wide awake, smiling as she says ''wee weee " .
    Sweet dreams, my dear <3


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