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Friday, August 6, 2010


GUESS WHO'S THE NEW GIRL IN TOWN (to take a dig at that redhead Wendy, who's always flooded over anyway)

MOI, folks, moi!

Decided to take a break from my house responsibilities, and trotted down to my fav stylist. Here ya go, a new Yolly Anna!

Gee whiz, sure am enjoying myself, it really is true that the hair makes the girl... I feel like flitting about in vanity ;) but a mom's job must go on! (and on and on and on and so on... and on... ya get the drift)

Dance along!


  1. Hey Sweetie
    I got your comment but not the mail! ;-(

    Which email address did you use?

    The one on my blog is bloggersteest@gmail.com

    My personal one is esoliano@gmail.com. (preferable)

    Yes, I will meet up one weekend that I am in Singapore. :-)


  2. Hey there Steest!
    not really active on these IT gadgets.. so just got to see this comment! terrible...
    would love to meet up but you must be prepared to meet my 23 year old. you see, he's nothing like Jared or any normal 23 year olds.. he loves admiring beautiful girls and i can't deny that you are beautiful. he'll stare long and hard at you (perhaps admiring your beauty) he'll repeat a lot of unclear speech, keep filling up Steven's beer mug with beer and a lot of funny behaviour which sometimes makes me embarrassed. so how?
    With much love,


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