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Monday, January 18, 2010

Hey Mimi, you're so fine! You're so fine you blow my mind!

I love watching my kids grow older and just more and more beautiful and talented.

Mimi's just turned 17, and we're all so proud of her stellar showing at the O levels!

Here's the Mimi of Yesteryear, aged 6,
always drawing stares for that beautiful head of silky jet-black hair (if I weren't her mother, I'd be sooo envious!) and porcelain-doll look. Not to mention her penchant for adorning her hair with all sorts of hair accessories. I remember a day when she went to school with probably ten or so different hair clips, and another day when she insisted she wanted "Allegra's Hair" - this puppet girl on an evening TV show who had hair in ponytails ALL OVER HER HEAD. I sighed, obliged, and survived the fits of giggles that ensued.

Here's the Mimi of Today, newly-minted SEVENTEEN
No prizes for guessin' what her birthday wish was this year! ;)

To the World's Most-Pampered Middle Child,
Happy Seventeenth, make good use of the opportunities Life brings!

I love you, Mimi!

Your mom, best pal and occasional confidante

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